How Can You Establish a Global Achievement?

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Setting a world record requires careful planning, preparation, and verification. First, choose a specific record category and research the current record holder and requirements. Next, start training and practicing to achieve the necessary skill or feat. It is essential to document the attempt thoroughly with video, photos, and witness statements. Once ready, submit an application to the relevant record-keeping organization and follow their guidelines. If approved, schedule a time and place for the record attempt and invite official witnesses to verify the achievement. After completing the attempt, submit all evidence for review, and if successful, receive recognition as the new world record holder.

Do you excel at something? Everyone desires to be the “best” at something at some point. Perhaps the ultimate testament to being the best at something is holding the world record for a specific accomplishment.

Most children adore flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records. And, to be honest, so do most adults!

Why not? Who doesn’t enjoy reading about world records like the Most Steps Walked Up By a Dog Going Backwards Balancing a Glass Of Water or the Heaviest Weight Lifted By a Tongue?

Can anyone achieve a world record? If so, how can one accomplish it? Is there a strategy to this madness? As it turns out, there is.

Anyone can break or establish a world record. Regardless of your age, nationality, or language, you, too, can become a Guinness World Record holder.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete or the next Albert Einstein. Whether you’re an expert at balancing spoons or a master in juggling chainsaws, the Guinness World Records company treats all claims with respect and professionalism.

All you need is a goal and the determination to achieve it. However, not everyone who breaks or establishes a record will be featured in the Guinness World Records books, television shows, or website.

The Guinness World Records database contains over 30,000 record categories. Only about 3,000 of those are featured on the Guinness World Records website, and only about 4,000 world records are published in the Guinness World Records books annually.

If you want to establish or break a world record, you’ll need to contact the Guinness World Records team. But be patient. They receive over 50,000 inquiries each year from potential record-breakers!

Before you register and apply, you should first review the Guinness World Records application checklist. The Guinness World Records company does not accept certain types of records, so make sure to review their list of dos and don’ts before proceeding.

If you believe you have a potentially record-breaking idea, then reach out to the Guinness World Records company for more information. Best of luck with your endeavor, and let us know if you establish or break a world record!

Give It a Try

Are you prepared to set a new world record? Make sure to explore the following activities with a friend or family member:

Explore Your Skills

Do you excel in any particular area? Take some time to make a list of all the things you believe you are truly skilled at. Consider seeking input from friends and family members to add to your list. Out of all your talents, which one do you consider yourself to be the best at? Based on your areas of expertise, can you think of any potential world records you could set? Remember, it doesn’t have to be an existing world record category – you can create your own!

Discover the Guinness World Records

Visit the official Guinness World Records website and have some fun exploring the various categories of world records. Can you find the most bizarre world record? Are there any records you believe you have the potential to break? Share the most fascinating world records you come across with a friend.

Library Trip

Plan a visit to your local library and ask the librarian to show you their collection of Guinness World Record books. Compare the listings for similar categories from different years and see which records have stood the test of time. Are there any records that are frequently broken? Take note of these findings.

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