How to Zorb?

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Zorbing is a thrilling adventure sport where you roll down a hill inside a giant transparent ball. To zorb, you need to follow these steps:

1. Find a zorbing location: Look for zorbing facilities or adventure parks that offer this activity. They usually have specially designed tracks or hills for zorbing.

2. Choose your zorb: There are two types of zorbs – harnessed and hydro. Harnessed zorbs allow you to be strapped in, while hydro zorbs have a layer of water inside for a slippery ride.

3. Get inside the zorb: If it’s a harnessed zorb, secure yourself with the provided harness. For hydro zorbing, climb inside the ball and make sure you’re comfortable.

4. Roll down the hill: Once you’re set, the zorb will be pushed or rolled down the hill. Hold on tight and enjoy the exhilarating ride as you tumble and spin.

5. Exit the zorb: When the ride is over, the zorb will come to a stop. Follow the instructions from the staff to safely exit the ball.

Remember to follow all safety guidelines and have fun while zorbing!

Do you enjoy playing kickball on the playground? How about soccer? Have you ever witnessed a ball rolling to the edge of a hill and then tumbling down? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside that ball as it rolls and bounces downhill?

Believe it or not, now you can experience exactly that. Thanks to the invention of zorbing — also known as globe-riding, sphereing, or orbing — adventurous individuals can now have a blast rolling downhill inside a massive sphere made of transparent plastic.

These enormous orbs come in two types: harnessed and non-harnessed. Harnessed orbs are designed for one or two people and have harnesses, similar to seatbelts, that secure riders in place.

Non-harnessed orbs can accommodate up to three riders. Without harnesses to restrain them, the riders in these orbs can bounce around much more than in a harnessed orb.

Zorbing was invented in New Zealand in 1994 by Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis. It has gained popularity in many countries worldwide, including England, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States.

Zorbing sites typically feature gentle slopes, but zorbing can also be done on flat surfaces to give riders more control and a smoother ride. Some zorbing areas even have runs that are up to half a mile long!

If you’re concerned that rolling downhill in a plastic sphere might be painful, don’t worry! These spheres are designed to minimize the impact of bumps during the ride. Unlike a hard plastic hamster ball, zorbs are constructed as a ball within another ball with a layer of air between them.

This layer of air between the two flexible plastic balls acts as a shock absorber. Since the orbs are lightweight, the risk of injury is reduced. For even more enjoyment, water can be added for an aqua ride, which is sometimes referred to as hydro zorbing!

Zorbing can be done at various locations where companies have set up special courses. Riders usually have the option to pay for each individual ride or a fixed amount for a whole day of riding.

The Guinness Book of World Records acknowledges two sphereing records. Steve Camp set the record for the longest sphereing ride in 2006 at 1,870 feet. Keith Kolver set the world record for the fastest sphereing ride in 2006 at 32 miles per hour!

Give It a Shot

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