Is Every Derby a Race?

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Not every derby is a race. While most derbies are indeed races, the term “derby” can also refer to other types of competitions or events. In addition to horse racing, derbies can be found in various sports such as football, cricket, and roller derby. A derby typically involves teams or individuals competing against each other for a prize or title. The specific rules and format of a derby can vary depending on the sport or event. So, while many derbies involve racing, it is not always the case.

When you think of the word “derby,” what comes to mind? Many children might immediately think of a famous horse race, such as the Kentucky Derby. However, there are actually numerous types of derbies all over the world. Let’s explore some of them.

The annual Kentucky Derby is perhaps one of the most renowned derbies globally. Fans often refer to it as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” However, horse racing is not the only sport that has derbies.

In the realm of horse racing, the term “derby” can describe any race exclusively for three-year-old horses. This term originated from the Derby Stakes, a famous horse race in England named after the 12th Earl of Derby, Edward Smith-Stanley.

There is another type of derby that enjoys popularity worldwide, and it doesn’t involve horses. Can you guess what it is? It’s roller derby!

Roller derby is a contact sport where two teams, each consisting of five members, skate around a track. Each team designates one player as the “jammer” who can score points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams simultaneously play offense and defense, aiming to support their own jammer while blocking the opposing jammer.

Although some men participate in roller derby, the sport is predominantly dominated by women. It evolved from roller skating marathons that were popular in the 1930s and has become a beloved and exciting sport to watch today.

Aside from horse racing and roller derby, the term “derby” is also used in other sports. In England, they use the term “derby” (pronounced “darby”) to describe soccer matches between local rivals. In the United States, similar matches between local teams are often referred to as “crosstown rivalries.”

Furthermore, “derby” can have a more general meaning and be used to describe various types of competitions. For example, in American baseball, the Home Run Derby is held annually before the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. It is a competition to determine which of the top batters can hit the most home runs.

If you are a Cub Scout, then you are probably familiar with another type of derby: the Pinewood Derby! In the early 20th century, Soap Box Derby races gained popularity. In 1953, a Cub Scout leader came up with the idea of creating a miniature version, which led to the establishment of the Pinewood Derby. Nowadays, Cub Scouts carve wooden cars by hand from a block of pine wood and race them every year.

Did you know that you can also wear a derby? It’s true! In the United States, the term “derby” is often used to refer to the popular and stylish hat known as a bowler hat!

Did you ever imagine that the word “derby” could have so many different meanings? Although not all derbies involve races, most of them are connected to some form of competition. Have you ever participated in or watched a derby? Maybe you have even worn a derby hat!

Try It Out

Are you ready to keep the excitement going? Find an adult who can assist you in trying out the activities mentioned below!

  • What type of competition would you like to participate in? Is roller derby appealing to you? Or perhaps a soccer match against your biggest rival is more suitable. Write a narrative about the most thrilling competition you have ever been part of. It could be a baseball game, a spelling bee, or the 100-yard dash at school. Share your story with a friend or family member once you are done!
  • Explore more about the Pinewood Derby. Do you think it would be enjoyable to build a car and race in this derby someday? Why not do it now? You can organize your own race using toys and other rolling objects you can find around your house today. Does a toy car roll faster than a bouncy ball? How about comparing an apple to an orange? Have fun creating your own race!
  • Discover more about roller derby. Would you ever consider playing this fast-paced sport? Explain your opinion to a friend or family member, stating your reasons why or why not.


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