How Did D.B. Cooper Get Away?

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D.B. Cooper, an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in 1971, remains a mystery as to how he escaped after parachuting from the plane. After receiving a ransom of 0,000, Cooper jumped out of the aircraft somewhere over the Pacific Northwest. Despite an extensive search, no trace of him was found. Various theories suggest that Cooper may have been an experienced skydiver, used military training to survive in the wilderness, or perished during the jump. However, the true fate of D.B. Cooper and how he managed to escape remains unknown, leaving the case open and intriguing to this day.

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On November 24, 1971, a plane was scheduled to depart from Portland, Oregon, and arrive in Seattle, Washington. A man in his forties purchased a one-way ticket for the flight, paying in cash. Wearing a business suit and a raincoat, he boarded the plane carrying a black briefcase.

Who was this passenger? His true identity remains unknown. When he bought the ticket, he provided the name “Dan Cooper.” However, a news reporter misheard the name and called him “D.B. Cooper.” That’s the name by which he is now widely known.

Shortly after takeoff, Cooper passed a note to one of the flight attendants. The note stated that he had a bomb in his briefcase. Cooper then partially opened the case, revealing wires and possibly sticks of dynamite to the flight attendant.

Cooper instructed the flight attendant to write down his demands. He requested $200,000, which is equivalent to nearly $1.3 million in 2020, in twenty-dollar bills. He also asked for four parachutes. The flight attendant took the note to the captain.

Upon arrival in Seattle, the $200,000 and parachutes were ready. In exchange for these items, Cooper released the other 36 passengers on the plane. However, he kept several crew members as hostages. Cooper then directed the pilot to fly to Mexico City, ordering a slow flight at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

But D.B. Cooper never reached Mexico City. At around 8:00 PM, between Seattle, Washington, and Reno, Nevada, Cooper jumped from the rear of the plane with one parachute and the $200,000.

After the jump, D.B. Cooper vanished. The FBI conducted an extensive investigation and searched the area where Cooper was believed to have landed. However, the case went cold, remaining open with no new evidence. In 2016, the FBI announced that they would no longer actively investigate the case.

So, what happened to D.B. Cooper? Many speculate that he did not survive the jump. After all, winds at 10,000 feet can reach speeds of 200 miles per hour, and the parachute he used was not steerable. He landed in a wooded area at night and was not appropriately dressed for the task. It is possible that he did not make it.

Nevertheless, numerous living suspects have been identified over the years. Some at the FBI believe that D.B. Cooper was actually Richard Floyd McCoy, who was later arrested for a similar hijacking. Others point to Robert Rackstraw, a Vietnam veteran and explosives expert. Still, others believe that D.B. Cooper was Walter Reca, who claimed to be the hijacker shortly before his death in 2014.

Will the world ever discover what happened to D.B. Cooper? That is for you to determine! Utilize your investigative abilities and uncover the truth behind the case, if you can. You may solve one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

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