Is Opening an Umbrella Indoors Considered Unlucky?

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Opening an umbrella indoors is considered bad luck in many cultures. The superstition dates back to ancient times when umbrellas were used as protection from the sun and rain. Opening an umbrella indoors was believed to insult the gods who controlled the weather. It was also seen as inviting bad luck and misfortune into the home. While the origins of this belief are unclear, it is still widely followed today. To avoid any potential bad luck, it is best to open umbrellas outside or in a designated area indoors, away from other people and objects.

Are you afraid of Friday the 13th? Does it scare you when a black cat crosses your path? Do you hesitate to pick up a coin on the sidewalk if it’s tails-side up? If you open an umbrella indoors, do you believe that it will bring bad luck to everyone in the house?

If you believe in any of these popular notions, you might be a little superstitious. A superstition is typically an irrational practice or belief that arises from ignorance, fear, belief in the supernatural, or a mistaken understanding of the cause of an event. Superstitions usually involve the belief that doing or not doing something will result in either good or bad luck.

For instance, many people think that finding a four-leaf clover will bring them a streak of good luck. On the other hand, many people believe that walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror will bring them bad luck.

Superstitions have been around for thousands of years. Most superstitions can be traced back to ancient times, when science hadn’t advanced enough for people to find logical, scientific explanations for what they observed in the world.

Without the benefit of science and advanced technology, ancient civilizations would create stories and beliefs to help them make sense of the world around them. Even though many superstitions have been debunked or are too strange to be believed, millions of people worldwide still adhere to them.

Consider the umbrella, for example. If you were to carry an umbrella with you and open it indoors randomly throughout a week, you would be surprised by how many people mention that it’s unlucky to do so! But why is this?

The humble umbrella, also known by various names such as parasol, brolly, rainshade, sunshade, gamp, or bumbershoot, derives its name from the Latin word umbra, which means shade or shadow. For hundreds of years, people have believed that opening an umbrella indoors would bring bad luck “raining” down on them. There are a couple of theories about the origins of this belief…

Some people think that the umbrella superstition originated in ancient Egypt, where umbrellas were primarily used for protection against the scorching sun. Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians believed that opening an umbrella indoors, away from the sun, was a disrespectful act that would anger the sun god. As a result, the sun god would take out his anger on everyone in the house where the umbrella was opened.

Others believe that the umbrella superstition has a more modern and practical explanation. The first modern umbrellas were not very safe. They were constructed with hard metal spokes and spring triggers, which made them dangerous to open. Opening an umbrella indoors could pose a threat to people and fragile objects nearby.

Thus, the warning against opening umbrellas indoors aimed to protect the health and safety of individuals and property indoors. In this sense, the superstition might have emerged from the “bad luck” of injuries and broken objects that often coincided with the opening of an umbrella. So, to some extent, this superstition wasn’t entirely negative!

Interestingly, there are some individuals who believe that opening an umbrella indoors is not always considered bad luck. According to these people, the belief only holds true if the umbrella is black, received as a gift, never used outdoors, or if there is a sick person in the house.

Furthermore, there are other superstitions related to umbrellas that are believed to bring bad luck. For instance, if you drop an umbrella, it is considered unlucky to pick it up yourself. Instead, you should ask someone else to pick it up for you. Additionally, it is believed to be unlucky to give umbrellas as gifts or to place them on tables or beds.

If you’re feeling brave after learning about these umbrella superstitions, you can try out some activities with a friend or family member. Firstly, you can discuss superstitions with your loved ones and find out if they believe in any. You can also share any particular actions you take to either gain good luck or avoid bad luck. To learn more about interesting superstitions, you can check out the article “13 Common (but silly) Superstitions” and research the origins of a few that catch your interest.

Next, you can engage in a conversation about superstitions that may be helpful or beneficial. For example, you can discuss the superstition about breaking a mirror and how it might serve as a reminder to be cautious and avoid accidents. You can also explore similar superstitions and share your thoughts.

Lastly, if you’re up for a challenge, you can create your own superstition with the assistance of a friend or family member. Take a look at the world around you, forget everything you know, and select a natural phenomenon to base your superstition on. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process of inventing a unique superstition.

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