What Happened to Mohenjo Daro?

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Mohenjo Daro, an ancient city in the Indus Valley civilization, was mysteriously abandoned around 1900 BCE. The reasons for its decline are still debated among historians and archaeologists. Some theories suggest that environmental factors, such as an earthquake or changes in the river’s course, may have contributed to the city’s downfall. Others propose social and political unrest, including invasion or internal conflicts. Lack of maintenance and declining trade could also be contributing factors. While the exact cause remains uncertain, the ruins of Mohenjo Daro continue to provide valuable insights into the life and culture of this ancient civilization.

Are you interested in a captivating enigma? We are aware that many of our Wonder Friends are. The present Wonder of the Day concerns an intriguing ancient city. People are still discovering new things about it to this day! This place is known as Mohenjo Daro.

The remains of Mohenjo Daro were discovered in the early 20th century. Since then, archaeologists have made extensive efforts to piece together this ancient puzzle. They believe the city was constructed around 2600 B.C.E. This would mean that it is the oldest known civilization in the Indian subcontinent!

Mohenjo Daro was built around the same time as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It is the most well-preserved city of the Indus civilization. Even today, visitors can still observe what remains of the streets and houses made of baked brick.

Experts estimate that up to 40,000 people might have once inhabited Mohenjo Daro. The city was divided into two parts. These are currently referred to as the citadel and the lower town. The city included a 900 square foot Great Bath and around 700 wells. These were part of a water system that allowed homes to have their own baths and toilets.

The ruins of this ancient city contain many intriguing hints about the people who lived there. However, archaeologists are just as interested in what might be missing from the site. They have not found any religious or government buildings. What could this imply? Experts believe that the people who lived there might have been part of a predominantly egalitarian society.

What happened to Mohenjo Daro? That is a mystery. Experts propose a few possibilities. First, there are signs of flooding in the ancient city. The overflowing Indus River could have caused damage to the civilization. This would have compelled people to relocate elsewhere.

A second theory is also related to the Indus River. Experts believe that when Mohenjo Daro was constructed, it was situated on the banks of the waterway. However, over time, the course of the river changed. Presently, the Indus River is approximately two miles away from the ruins of the city. People might have moved elsewhere when the river became too distant.

Lastly, it is important to remember that societies evolve over time. Even in the present day, nations undergo transformations. They alter their governments and customs. Changes in the culture might have prompted people to abandon the city.

In 1980, Mohenjo Daro was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since then, efforts to preserve what remains of the city have intensified. Experts state that the area’s humidity and the salt content in the groundwater are causing harm to the surviving structures of the city. Some of its walls are collapsing. Those in charge are searching for ways to safeguard the ruins.

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