Do Shepherds Still Exist Today?

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Yes, there are still shepherds today. Although the traditional role of shepherds has changed over time, there are still people who work as shepherds, tending to and caring for sheep. While shepherding is less common in urban areas, it remains an important profession in rural and agricultural communities around the world. Modern shepherds use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to manage their flocks, including the use of technology such as GPS tracking. Shepherds play a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of their sheep, and their knowledge and expertise continue to be valued in the agricultural industry.

Have you ever witnessed a large group of sheep grazing in verdant pastures on a hillside? They may appear tranquil and gentle, but managing them can be quite arduous.

To move them from one pasture to another can pose a challenge that requires the assistance of a sheepdog and a person responsible for guiding the sheep. Who are we referring to? Of course, a shepherd!

Shepherds have been present for thousands of years. In fact, shepherding is likely one of the oldest occupations in the world. Shepherds are mentioned in the Bible and are prominently featured in nativity scenes during Christmas. But do shepherds still exist today?

Absolutely! Although modern farming techniques and a decrease in natural predators have made sheep rearing easier in today’s world, there are still numerous locations in the U.S. and around the globe where shepherds continue to tend their flocks in the pastures.

From the mountains of the American West to the highlands of Peru and Chile, you will find shepherds caring for flocks consisting of thousands of sheep. Sheep remain popular animals even today, valued for both their meat and wool.

In the western part of the U.S., large sheep ranches often hire workers from foreign countries to shepherd their sheep. It is not uncommon for Peruvian and Chilean laborers to travel to the U.S. to guide thousands of sheep across vast open ranges that can stretch for hundreds of miles in length and width.

Although their pay is modest compared to even minimum wage jobs due to long working hours, these workers earn more than what they could in their home countries. After working as shepherds in the U.S. for several years, many of them return home with their earnings to build houses, educate their children, or even start their own small businesses.

So, what is it like to be a shepherd today? Despite the idea of peacefully leading obedient sheep across green pastures, it is actually a very demanding job. Apart from challenging weather conditions, shepherds must constantly keep an eye on their flocks, fearing predators such as wolves and mountain lions.

Shepherding can also be physically demanding, with long workdays filled with physical activity. In cold weather, the days seem even longer. Additionally, tending to thousands of sheep can be a solitary and dirty occupation.

Shepherds may travel on foot or on horseback, sometimes going days without encountering another human being. They often sleep in tents and can be without access to running water for several days at a time. Are the green pastures peaceful? Perhaps, but the scenery quickly loses its allure when confronted with the demands of the job!

Give It a Try

Don’t be a sheep without a shepherd! Enlist the help of a friend or family member to guide you through the following enjoyable activities:

Being a Shepherd: Challenges and Reflections

Being a shepherd is not as easy as it may seem. If you are a farmer with sheep, you already know the difficulties that come with this role. To truly understand the challenges of being a shepherd, try shepherding something or someone today. It could be a family pet like a dog or cat, or even a younger sibling. Take on the responsibility of ensuring their well-being throughout the day. You must protect them from harm and make sure they are fed and hydrated. Keep a close eye on them at all times. Afterward, discuss your experience with a friend or family member. Did it turn out to be easier or harder than you initially expected?

Consider the modern technologies that can enhance the lives of shepherds. If you had access to any modern technology, what would you use to manage a large flock of sheep? Would you carry a smartphone to stay connected with loved ones and combat loneliness? How about a tablet computer to stay updated with the world? Can GPS-enabled devices assist in tracking the sheep? Ponder over various types of modern technology and their potential benefits for shepherds.

Are you up for a challenge? Besides someone who oversees sheep, the term “shepherd” can also refer to individuals who provide guidance and mentorship by offering advice. Do you have someone in your life who serves as a shepherd to you? It could be a friend, parent, relative, teacher, or pastor. Reflect on the people closest to you and those you regularly seek advice from. How many shepherds do you have in your life? Take a moment today to express gratitude for their guidance. If their influence has inspired you, write a brief note to say “Thank you!” for the assistance they have provided in the past.

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