How to Play the Bagpipes?

The world of music is filled with various types of instruments. They are all unique, but the bagpipes may be the most distinctive of them all. Have you ever witnessed someone playing them in person? It’s quite enjoyable to watch! Often, the players don traditional Scottish attire, including a kilt.

Bagpipes are deeply rooted in Scottish tradition. However, they did not originate there. Historians claim that early versions of the instrument were used in ancient Rome. They were also present in parts of the Middle East, such as Persia (known today as Iran).

As bagpipes gained popularity, they spread across Europe. Very few ancient bagpipes have actually been discovered. Nonetheless, they appear in old pieces of art, such as paintings and carvings.

When bagpipes reached Scotland, they thrived. During the world wars, Scotland trained many musicians for military service. This is when the instrument became closely associated with the nation. Today, Scotland and Pakistan lead the world in bagpipe production.

How do these instruments produce music? First, pipers blow air through a blowpipe into a bag. This bag may be made of animal skin or synthetic materials. The bag supplies a continuous flow of air to another pipe called a chanter. The chanter contains reeds that create sound when vibrated.

Bagpipers utilize both hands to play the chanter, which produces the melody of the song. Other pipes, known as drones, also have reeds. The drones produce a continuous sound that plays underneath the melody from the chanter.

Pipers can create a sustained sound that lasts for some time. However, while playing, they must regularly blow into the bag to keep it filled with air. The chanter is open-ended, meaning that players cannot easily stop the sound once it has started. This is why most bagpipe music does not have rests (pauses).

Does the bagpipe sound like a challenging instrument to play? It certainly requires practice! Would you like to play it one day? Are you interested in learning another instrument? You have many options!

Try It Out

Find a friend or family member to help you with the following activities:

  • Are you ready to make your own bagpipes? Follow the step-by-step instructions in “How to Make Bagpipes out of a Garbage Bag and Recorders.” You can also watch a video of the finished project online. Make sure to have an adult assist you!
  • Learn more about Scottish kilts. What did you discover about the history of the kilt? When is it typically worn? Share what you have learned with a friend or family member.
  • Bagpipes are often associated with Scotland. Which musical instruments are connected to the place where you live? If you’re unsure, ask an adult friend or family member for assistance. They may be able to help you search online for more information!

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