Steve Jobs: A Brief Biography

Looking back at the past few decades, it’s clear that our world has become increasingly digital. From personal computers to the internet to smartphones, society has made significant progress in embracing technology.

Amidst this technological revolution, one man and one company have consistently played a vital role. That man is Steve Jobs, and the company is Apple Computer.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. He was adopted shortly after birth by parents who promised to provide him with a college education, despite his biological parents’ initial request for him to be adopted by college graduates.

Ironically, Jobs dropped out of Reed College in Oregon after just six months of attendance. He continued to audit classes for the next 18 months, struggling to make ends meet by sleeping on friends’ dorm-room floors and collecting bottles for money.

Despite his challenges with formal education, Jobs was incredibly intelligent and creative. In 1974, he started his career as a video game designer at Atari. A few months later, he embarked on a trip to India in search of spiritual enlightenment, adopting the practices of Zen Buddhism and becoming a pescatarian.

At the age of 21, Jobs co-founded Apple Computer with his high school friend Steve Wozniak in 1976. They worked out of Jobs’ parents’ garage and revolutionized the personal computer industry with their innovative, smaller, and more affordable machines.

By 1980, Apple Computer had become a publicly-traded company worth over a billion dollars. However, Apple executives gradually pushed Jobs out, believing that he was hindering the company’s progress.

In 1986, Jobs shifted his focus and acquired an animation company from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. This acquisition led to the establishment of Pixar Animation Studios, which produced popular movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. When Pixar merged with Disney in 2006, Jobs became Disney’s largest shareholder.

In 1997, Jobs returned to Apple and guided the company to new heights of success. Under his leadership, Apple introduced groundbreaking products like the iMac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Apple’s consistent innovation and financial success have positioned it as one of the most admired and profitable companies in history.

Despite his position as the head of a powerful technology company, Jobs never learned to code. His expertise lay in marketing and design. Nonetheless, he holds 346 patents in the United States for various technologies.

Tragically, Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, after battling pancreatic cancer. His final words were reported to be, “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” His net worth at the time of his death was nearly $7 billion.

Get to Know Steve Jobs

If you’re interested in learning more about Steve Jobs, don’t forget to explore the following activities with a friend or family member:

  • Imagine if Steve Jobs and Apple Computer never existed. How different would the world be without the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone? Do you think other companies would have developed similar products and technologies? Why or why not? Which Apple products do you own or have you used in the past?
  • Despite not finishing college, Steve Jobs still achieved great success and had a significant impact on the technology world. Does this fact surprise you? How does Steve Jobs’ success make you feel about your own future plans? Do you believe that college dropouts, in general, are likely to be highly successful? Or was Steve Jobs an exception to the rule?
  • Tap into your inner Steve Jobs and imagine what the future of technology will look like for your children. Many people never anticipated that they would one day carry a small device capable of making phone calls, browsing the internet, playing music, taking pictures, recording videos, and so much more. What technological breakthroughs do you envision for the future? Will you be one of the inventors who creates the next revolutionary technology?

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